About Us

We are Queens library guild, Local 1321

 Queens Library Guild, Local 1321, District Council 31, AFSCME, District Council 37 is comprised of the librarians, clerks, custodians, drivers, IT workers, maintainers, HR staff, and more that make Queens Library one of the best public library systems in the world.  We provide the innovative, creative, comprehensive library material, programs, and services to customers world-wide.

We are members of the amazing District Council 37, the over 125,000 union of New York City's workforce.  We are also members of AFSCME, the nationwide union representing the government workers.  Together, the men and women of Local 1321, DC 37, and AFSCME keep our cities, counties, and states running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Executive Vice President
Vice President Librarians
Vice President Non-Librarian Professionals and IT workers
Vice President for Blue Collar
Vice President for Clerical
Librarian Representative
Blue Collar Representative
Clerical Representative
DC 37 Delegate
DC 37 Delegate
DC 37 Delegate
DC 37 Delegate