Contracts & Side Letters

Working Conditions Contract between Local 1321 and Queens Borough Public Library

Local 1321 and Queens Library negotiate the terms and conditions of employment for the library's union members.  Click here to view our contract.

Side Letters between Local 1321 and Queens Borough Public Library 2015-present

Since the signing of the working conditions contract, Local 1321 and the library have agreed to a number of issues.  The following are those agreements.

PDF icon 2015 05 29 Donated Sick Leave

PDF icon 2016 03 11 Annual Leave Accrual Change

PDF icon 2016 03 11 Hiring Union Security Guards

PDF icon 2016 12 23 Donated Sick Leave Program, Addendum

PDF icon 2017 08 15 Adding Supervisor and Associate Investigator to Bargaining Unit

PDF icon 2017 08 15 Essential Services Personnel and Inclement Weather

PDF icon 2017 11 20 Custodial Shift Changes

PDF icon 2018 04 02 Newly Unionized Terms

PDF icon 2018 07 19 Migration of two Security Technicians to ITD

PDF icon 2019 09 06 FLSA Exempt Overtime Cap

PDF icon 2019 09 27 Uniform Allowance

PDF icon 2019 12 16 Addendum to Central Library HVAC Certified Maintainers Agreement

Economic Contract between DC 37 and New York City

DC 37, as with the other city employees, negotiates on our behalf our salary increases, longevities, welfare fund contributions, and other salary and benefits with New York City. Click here for the latest contract.