Claudette Sellman

DC 37 Delegate

Claudette Sellman is a Customer Service Specialist at the Forest Hills Community Library and has been a delegate since 2016.

Claudette started her career with Queens Library as a Customer Service Representative 25 years ago. She has always had an interest in understanding how the union works and using that knowledge to become a union activist.  She constantly acquires  knowledge of Queens Library policies and procedures and the contract between Local 1321 and the library to help her fellow workers.  Notably, she can state that she is one of the few people at Queens Library that has worked at all 62 Queens Library branches when she was a member of the Tag Team, preparing the libraries materials for self-checkout. Today, she is a Technical Support Aide II, assisting customers needing technical support and training on computers.  As a members of the Executive Board, and a Union Delegate, she has learned more about DC 37 and Local 1321 and how it works from, and is now able to inform and help her colleagues gain knowledge and understanding about their union, and how important it is for them to be knowledgable Union activists.