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Local 1321 and DC 37 Benefit Information

DC 37 and Local 1321 offer a host of benefits for its members including certain medical coverage, legal support, housing assistance, educational opportunities and scholarships and more. Click here for a summary of benefits offered by DC 37. If you have questions about your DC 37 medical benefits contact the DC 37 Health and Security Plan's Inquiry Unit at 212-815-1234. For more benefits information go to DC 37's website, www.dc37.net.

Local 1321 a benevolence for its members for the following:
Illness: Members Only -- a check for $50.00 if member is out 10 days.
Death: Members Only -- a check for $50.00 to be used at the discretion of receiver
Marriage: Members Only -- a check for $50.00
New Baby: Members Only -- a check for $50.00
Bereavement: of Spouse, Parent, Parent In-law, Child, Sibling, Family Member Who is Part of Member's Household --a check for $50.00

Contact a Local 1321 representative if you or your colleague is entitled to the benevolence.

 Local 1321 created an overview of some of of the questions and issues members should consider before they retire.  Follow the link to download the helpful document. Read more >>>

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