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Constitution and Contracts

On November 6, 1997, the Union and Administration signed our October 1, 1996 to September 30, 1999 contract. After many false starts, failed bargaining sessions, changes in key personnel and layoffs, we will soon have a complete contract that incorporates the side letters and stipulations the Union and Administration have agreed to since 1999. Until the revised contract is complete, we have included the side letters and stipulations on our website. Read more >>>

2nd bargaining session between DC 37 and the City

It continues.  We had our second negotiations session Sep 24, 2012.  Our first meeting was Nov 10, 2011.

This is one of many bargaining sessions and both parties are still trying to figure out each other's position.

Our positions are:

  • Inflation: Since March of 2009, the last time we had a wage increase, the Consumer Price Index rose by 7.9%. We need a raise to keep up.
  • Productivity: Over the past few years, every city agency has last people through attrition and layoffs. We now do the same or more work with a lot less. Therefore we are being more productive. This includes, as we know, the Library.
  • Overtime: The City spent $1.2 billion on overtime in FY 2012. Managing this overtime better could save the city a lot of money.
  • Privatization: The City spends billions of dollars a year paying private contractors for work that was done by city employees. Many of these contracts have cost of living increases in them, while we have not had a raise in 3.5 years.
  • Revenue generating ideas: DC 37 provided the City with many recommendations to raise revenue, including the hiring of additional tax auditors that the City itself estimates will increase audit revenue by $350 million between FY 12 and FY 14.
  • NYS PEF and CSEA employees not comprable: NYS employees have a cost of living increase built into their contract. NYC employees do not.

DC 37 reiterated numerous times we are considerably more productive than we were three years ago and the City has considerable amount of money to fund raises. The City did not deny this but stated they could use these savings and extra revenue for what they want.

Keep in mind, this was the first meeting that anything of substance was discussed. We will have more meetings.

I am impressed with DC 37's research into City revenue generation and our negotiations.

Local 1321's parent union DC 37 held its first bargaining session for a new economic contract on November 10, 2011. Read more >>>


Local 1321 is governed by a number of documents including:

  • Local 1321's constitution;
  • the Economic Agreement negotiated by DC 37 and New York City;
  • the Local's Working Conditions Contract negotiated by Local 1321 and Queens Library Administration;
  • Queens Library's Policy and Procedures Manual;
  • and the Queens Library's Time and Leave Manual.

Links to the contracts and constitution are found on this website.You can find the Policy and Procedures Manual and Time and Leave Manual in each agency and on the staff website.

Local 1321's Constitution was first created in 1967 when the Local was formed. The latest constitution was amended to reflect the creation of two new positions on the Local's Executive Board - Treasurer and Secretary.

Local 1321 Working Conditions Contract
Local 1321's Working Conditions Contract is comprised of non-economic issues the Local negotiates with the Library Administration and issues adopted from the Working Conditions Contract DC 37 negotiated with DC 37 and New York City.

DC 37 Economic Agreement
DC 37's Economic Agreement, negotiated by DC 37's Bargaining Team and New York City, covers all the economic issues related to our employment with the city including salary raises, longevity payments, contributions to our medical benefits - dental coverage, prescription coverage, optical coverage, health care and more. The most current contract expired March 2, 2010.

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