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Queens Library Contracting Out Custodial work

Millions for Managers, Nothing for Custodians

But while it refuses to hire new custodians and the salaries of the front-line staff remain frozen, Queens Library Administration, since 2011, has allocated $2.7 million for non-union administrative raises and new managers.

  • The library gave $340,000 of raises to its non-union staff. That includes nearly $20,000 to the president and CEO and $38,000 to one administrator.
  • Since 2011, the Queens Library has advertised non-union/managerial positions with salaries totalling over $2.4 million.
  • The Queens Library CEO/President earned $379,313 from April 2011 to May 2012. In comparison, NYC’s commissioners of the Departments of Corrections, Fire and Investigation each earned $204,618.

Money is Available for New Custodians

  • The Library advertised for two new supervisory custodial positions with a total cost of $118,000. The average annual salary of a custodian is just $34,253.
  • Four new custodial positions would cost $137,015 to provide adequate staffing at the Central Library.

Help Stop Contracting Out

  • Do you want the Queens Library to spend your tax dollars on more books, reference services, programs and clean libraries? Or, do you want it to spend the money on high salaries for administrators, contracting out and undermining decent working-class jobs?
  • Call your City Council member (212-788-7100), Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall (718-286-3000) and Queens Library CEO/President Thomas W. Galante (718-990-0796). Tell them you want the Library to hire new custodians instead of contracting out custodial work.

Sources: union contracts, job announcements and www.seethroughny.net

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